Dear customers,

Vanmac BV- TRILO is taking the following measures to prevent the spreading of the covid-19 virus. We are closely following the guidelines set by our government.

Where you are normally welcome, we have decided to temporarily not allow visitors to our factory to protect you and our employees. We hope for your understanding. Our sales representatives will stay in Amersfoort and not go on the road to see customers, carriers and transporters have been asked to deliver outside while keeping a safe distance from the receiver,  there will be extra cleaning of all of our facilities and we are keeping a close eye on all of our processes to make sure they won’t violate the guidelines.

In case of a malfunction our mechanics will still be at your service. We would highly appreciate it if you could contact us by phone when you are in need of a mechanic. We will then, together, come up with a fitting plan to help you. This al to limit physical contact to a minimum.

These measures are all put in place to protect your health, the health of your employees and the health of our own employees.

If you have any questions regarding sales or service, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Thank you for understanding.

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