TRILO S4 and BL960 prove the perfect pair for Calcot Park Golf Club



A TRILO S4* is proving that multifunctional machinery doesn’t have to mean compromised performance for the team at Calcot Park Golf Club. Assisting Course Manager Tom Jennings with various maintenance tasks including scarification and cut and collect of the sites biodiversity areas, the S4 is currently tasked with keeping on top of leaf collection with assistance from their new TRILO BL960.

Multipurpose machine: sweep & collect – verticut or mow & collect in one pass

The undulating 18-hole parkland course designed by Harry Colt resides within an exclusive private estate in Berkshire, providing the picture-perfect backdrop for players of all abilities. Pre-empting the amount of time and resources that would be required to keep on top of leaf clearance, an S4 was one of the first investments Tom made when he joined Calcot Park four years ago. “With such a huge number of trees, investing in equipment to collect leaves as quickly and efficiently as possible was a priority. As soon as we saw the TRILO S4 it was a no brainer.”
“We purchased the whole package, including flail and scarifier heads which converts the machine into one we can use year-round. The board don’t want to spend money on a machine that spends most of the year sat in the shed, or that doesn’t do a good job of what it is supposed to do – the S4 ticks all of the boxes.” Over the year, the team are utilising the S4 for cutting the eco grass areas and scarifying the roughs, along with vacuuming scarified material and other debris from the fairways. “With all the attachments, its versatile, but conducts every operation really well.”

Leaf clearance made easy

“In the autumn, the amount of labour this machine saves us is brilliant. Where before the team would have to get into ditches and clear leaves manually, now we can use the S4’s wander hose to suck up the leaves in a matter of minutes.” To complement the S4, the club have recently purchased a BL960 blower from TRILO, delivered by local dealer Lister Wilder. “The blower we had on our fleet ran on unleaded and with fuel costs going up, we worked out it was costing us £50 per day to run. I had used a BL960 at my previous club and it’s bulletproof so bearing this in mind, along with the savings we could make by running it straight off the PTO shaft and tractor, it was an easy decision.”

The BL960 arrived in September 2022, just in-time for a busy autumn and winter season. “This blower is so powerful – it moves material quicker and leaves a much cleaner finish than our previous machine. To clear the fairways previously would have taken ten passes or more… with the BL960 the job is complete in two so not only are we getting better results, it takes fewer resources and is done in less time. I, the team and the club couldn’t be happier with our investment.”



(* note: Due to a change in type numbering, the multi-purpose TRILO vacuum trailer is presently available as M-series (M4))


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