Magnum Sod Harvesters

Over the years, they dreamed at Magnum of new ways to harvest and install turf. Develop machines that make work easier, more consistent in production and more profitable through labor saving and more efficient handling. This resulted in a series of machines with exceptional performance and possibilities. On this page, you will find the range of Magnum machines at Vanmac B.V.


Magnum BR48 Sod roll harvester

With its introduction in 1991, the Magnum BR Big Roll Harvester, our first sod roll harvester model and still our mainstay, has earned a reputation for dependability and performance in a variety of conditions and turf grasses.

Our patented net application reinforces tender sod and loose soil so you can realize the full benefits of big rolls: by harvesting less mature grasses, you get quicker turn around on your sod. With the net backing, you can cut thinner to save soil or thicker as the job requires- from 1/4” to 3”.

Our innovative two-conveyor system gives you new found control over rolling tension. You’ll be able to pull sod into tighter rolls and start or stop a roll without gaps. Just skip over the bad turf patches and pull up on the ends with no problems. Now available Anti-vibration cutter heads; always in synch and less maintenance required. The cutter heads are timed, as one moves forward the other moves back, therefore reducing vibration providing a better cut of sod and less stress on the head parts.

Lenght (Without tractor): 13.3FT
Width: 2.3 m (7.7FT)
Cutting width: 30/42/48”

Height: 1.95 m (6.5FT)
Shipping weight: 1655.6 kg
Electrical system: 12 VOLT

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Magnum SR48 semi automatic sod roll harvester

The Magnum SR is a semi-automatic big roll harvesting machine. Incorporating all the features of the Magnum BR, the SR has loads of additional features that help reduce downtime, save lots of labor and speed harvest time. It’s large removable tube rack is easy to reload. A tube injector makes for quick and easy tube addition and with the net injector you can introduce net to the big roll at the start or the end of the roll. A self-starting conveyor eliminates hand wrapping turf around the tube.

Lenght: 6 m (20 ft)
With tipper: 8.35 m (27.5 ft)
With tipper and tractor: 11.8 m (39 ft)
Width: 2.56 m (8.5 ft)
Cutting width: 30/42/48”

Height: 2.3 m (7.8 ft)
Shipping weight: 2676 kg.
With tipper: 2948 kg
Electrical system: 12 VOLT

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Magnum TH 48

The TH 48 is a 3-point sod harvester with floating cutting head.

Technischal specifications Magnum TH 48

Cutting head: Floating cutting head out of piece
Cutting width: 120 cm (Coulter disc in the center for 2x 60 cm)
Cutting thickness: up to a maximum of 70 mm Size
(LxWxH): 150 x 170 x 140 cm
Weight: 1,260 kg
Cutting thickness control: Electric
Drive: Mechanical 3-point connection: Cat II
Required hydraulics: 1 double acting hydraulic connection
Required voltage: 12 volts (for cutting thickness control)

Standard Coulter disc on 8 inch roller available.
Standard with net injector.

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