Drop seeders and Pneumatic seeders from RotaDairon are not only for the exact sowing of grass seed but also available in combination with a soil renovating machines.


RotaDairon SMA 305 Pneumatic Seeder

Dairon has developed an air-assisted delivery system, a technique well-proven in agriculture, for precision turf seeding of large areas. These seeders may be combined with the heavy-duty Soil Renovator or used as a Primary Seeder with double rollers.

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RotaDairon SM 205 Drop Seeder

The RotaDairon SM 205 Drop Seeder is the most cost-efficient seeder in the industry. With the stainless steel seed box and the heavy cast roll you have a seeder that will last you a lifetime. It sorts and compresses the soil in a single movement, thanks to the rollers that compress the soil clods. It burys small particles (such as small flint stones and undergrowth) that make fine sowing difficult. This unit can sow all kinds of grass seed on all types of soil, both flat and wavy, dry or wet.

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