Brouwer MK II Sod cutters

Sod cutters like Brouwer ‘manual stacking slab’ grass blade cutters, agile and easy to operate.


Brouwer Mark 2 Sod Cutter

Brouwer Mark 2 is built with a heavy duty frame construction. The handles fold easily for storage or transport in a pick-up truck or the trunk of your car! Beacause of its specific features, this lightweight tool can be used anywhere that turf requires removing, repairing, renovating or lifting. Also, he split blade feature makes it very smooth to operate.

• Lightweight frame
• Finger-tip Cutter Speed Controls
• 5 1/2 HP Honda Engine
• Split Cutting Blades (to reduce vibration)
• Easy fold handles for storage or transport.
• Adjustable handles to suit operator height

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