Trebro autostackers

AutoStackers are the first choice in the world of turf producers because they produce labor savings, have higher productivity and improve the quality of the end product. Vanmac B.V. supplies Autostackers from Trebro and Brouwer.


Trebro SC 2010

Trebro’s newest automatic Harvester has been completely redesigned but contains techniques based on both the AutoStack and the HarveStack.

The SC 2010 is very maneuverable thanks to the 170-degree steered front axle. This can be turned very short on the headland. In addition, the machine can be used to move pallets if no forklift truck is available.

This automatic stacker is powered by a Cummings engine and is completed with a comfortable and spacious cabin with a 90-degree rotatable seat that offers a full view of the harvesting and stacking process.

The SC 2010 can harvest up to 1,250 m2 per hour and is equipped with a 61 cm wide cutting head with adjustable support pressure for optimum cutting quality.

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Trebro AutoSlab II

Trebro Manufacturing recently introduced the all-new Trebro AutoSlab ll automatic slabbing machine.

This one-person harvester is designed to make tight and stable pallets using a hydraulically operated hook system.
The Trebro AutoSlab ll can be used on both 40 and 60 cm widths. Electronically the length of 60 or 120 cm long bibs is regulated.

Each AutoSlab Il is equipped with Ultra-Steer as a standard operation to control the thickness, pallet size and length of the blade during work. At the push of a button, rejected slabs can be discarded.

The AutoSlab ll contains Trebro’s exclusive cutting head with adjustable support pressure for optimum cutting results with minimum waste.

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Trebro AutoStack

The Autostack is the ultimate automatic stacker when it comes to high processing capacity.

Equipped with 2x 60 cm cutting heads, the Autostack rolls, rolls, and stacks extremely precisely and with a processing speed of no less than 45 m2min.

Pallet injection ensures that a person can harvest non-stop at the same speed throughout the day. The articulated steering ensures precise and stable sod cutting, even with small turning circles.

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