Van Vuuren Turf Tick

Vanmac B.V. supplies Van Vuuren Turf Tick sod harvesters. From a manually operated harvester to a fully automated universal auto stacker you will find them on this page. Every Van Vuuren Turf Tick that we sell is supported by our service.


Van Vuuren Universal Autostacker

Compact, proven, universal, economically and durable! The Turf Tick ‘Universal Stacker’ produces 40 cm (16”) rolls. it uses a 3 roll gripper to stack rolls. The gripper is fully programmable to stack 1, 2 or 3 rolls at a time. Therefore all pallet sizes (1.20m x 1.20m | 1.20m x 1.00m | 1.20m x 0.80 m Euro pallet) are stackable. Automated stacking made affordable for everyone, ideal for companies with up to 75 hectares with a daily capacity of approximately 6000 – 7000 m2.

The ultimate, one-man turf harvesting machine.
• Simple, durable & reliable concept.
• Suitable for pallet sizes: 48”x48” (120×120 cm), 48”x40” (120×100 cm) & euro pallet (120×80 cm).
• Required tractor: 4 wheel drive tractor, 75 HP minimum. Nearly all brands are compatible. Contact us for more specific information.
• Options: electronically adjustable roll length, new cutting knife system with coulter discs on the main roll, pallet injector, front brush, autosteer & more.

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Van Vuuren Turf Tick

Cutting width: 16″ (optional 18″ or 24″)
Cutting length: Adjustable from 45″ to 100″
Capacity: up to 1700 square yards/hour
Transport width: Approximately 10 ft
Bearing types: Brass bushes in low duty points, roller or ball bearings in heavy-duty rotational points. All bearing are greasable.
Conveyor type: 5 high durance rubber belts – stainless steel rollers.
Blade type: Conventional style or new style (reversible) knife system utilizing coulter discs.
Crankshaft: Hardened steel balanced for vibration-free operation.
Required tractor: Two – or four-wheel-drive with a minimum of 40 Hp Category II three-point hitch, minimal one-single acting hydraulic plugin.

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