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Turf Tick detachable turf harvester (only available in the UK)

The Turf Tick is an economic and time-proven concept, being used in many countries around the world for over 25 years now. The Turf Tick incorporates a real free floating head design, where the cutting head pivots independently from the conveyor. The machine has an open “see through” design with a low center point weight. The Turf Tick delivers top quality cuts, high speeds with extremely low maintenance costs. The cutting blade is counterbalanced driven, resulting in low noise and low vibration. The Turf Tick is compatible with standard R&R knife system as well as our new knife system using a reversible blade and coulter discs. The Turf Tick comes standard with electrical depth control. Low maintenance costs are achieved by using long life roller bearings and bushings in all moving parts. The Turf Tick has a unique roll-up system. The roll-up system cooperates with sideways separated conveyor belts (for manual stacking). Turf cannot pass under the roll-up starter tray without being rolled. Even the most fragile turf can be harvested with our system. This unique and patented system will not be found on other harvesters. The Turf Tick is a tractor independent concept: it fits any regular tractor brand and model. We can supply the Turf Tick with or without a tractor. The Turf Tick can be coupled and decoupled from its tractor within a few minutes. The Turf Tick fits both 2- and 4-wheel driven tractors. The Turf Tick can be supplied with many optional features. The Turf Tick can also be ordered with our Universal Stacker to increase capacity. See features for further explanation.

Full 15-degree free floating cutter head. The Turf Tick has 2 frames: a mainframe with the conveyor and a cutting head with the roll, cutting knife and chop off the knife. The cutting head pivots independently with respect to the conveyor frame. This feature results in extreme equal cuts, also at high speed because the blade can follow and adapt to the ground contour quickly. The rotational connection between the conveyor frame and the cutting head is located behind and under the conveyors. The cutting head is fully see through and easy accessible for adjusting and maintenance. Also, the counterbalanced driven cutter blade is very easy to maintenance. All rotating and moving parts are equipped with top quality roller bearings ensuring long life during heavy operation. Of course, all bearings feature heavy duty seals.

Roll thickness is adjustable using electrical depth control. This allows fine adjustment for cutting depth. It is push button controlled using a control panel at the driver’s seat or from stacking position. In general, the global depth (large adjustment) is set manually on the machine. Fine adjustments are done using the control panel. The turf is fed upwards using separated conveyor belts. These belts run over stainless steel drums and pick the turf very close to the ground so young turf will not be damaged and will not break. The belts are known for their extremely long life expectancy.


Turf Tick

Rollup system with starter-finger tray placed between the separate conveyor belts. No turf will pass the roll-up system unrolled. This is a time proven and patented system, unique for our harvesters. By using a flexible rubber tray for rolling the first part after the roll, the roll is protected from breaking. The elongated rolling system, for smooth, precise and gradual rolling, protects even the tenderest turf. Each roll will leave the harvester with its flap in exact position. The rubber rollup sprocket wheels are maintenance free, will not wear out easily, delivering top results.


Turf Tick

Cross-conveyor: hydraulic driven with speed adjustment for ease of stacking. The conveyor belt has a smooth finish so that it does not damage turf. The belt is made from a special material, almost unwearable. Optional is a special pallet carrier which can be hooked on or off like regular agricultural equipment.

The trailer consists of a carrier with pallet and stacker platform and is mounted in the tractor three-point hitch. The trailer also carries the back part of the Turf Tick harvester. The trailer has two forks to carry a pallet for stacking. The trailer is designed to share the weight efficiently: most of the pallet- weight is carried by the tractors three point hitch. The excess weight (approx. 30% when the pallet is fully stacked) is transferred to the wheels of the trailer. With this feature, the tractor needs less front weight and the machine performs considerably better working in wet and slippery fields. Also, the pallet is asymmetrically placed behind the tractor, so the stacking area will be closer to the main conveyor and cross-conveyor which deliver the rolls. This feature ensures optimal comfort for the person standing behind the harvester stacking the pallet. Also, it will speed up the stacking process. The stacking platform has no vibrations ensuring safety and comfort. A rotatable pallet frame and easily accessible forklift ensures hassle-free operation for loading and ejecting pallets.

Easy and efficient tractor coupling takes only minutes to detach the harvester and trailer. The Turf Tick can be lifted using a special custom made a mount, specific for the client’s tractor. This frame remains on the tractor at all times. It will be incorporated to the tractor and looks like it originally came with the tractor.


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