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On this website, you will find the Vanmac Ltd. Turf Equipment range of machines that are needed to operate and maintain turfgrass. We supply machines for cultivating the soil, sowing, mowing, sweeping up grass clippings, and turf harvesters. Vanmac Ltd. is the number one supplier of the best new and used machines on the market for all leading brands in the UK. Vanmac also develops and builds machines in its own factory under the brand name TRILO-Machines in the Netherlands.


Authorized Full Line Dealer

Full Line dealer of the Brouwer and Kesmac brands in Europe and the UK

It is our great pleasure to inform you that Vanmac Ltd now is a Authorized Full Line Dealer of the Brouwer Kesmac Brands in Europe and the UK. Vanmac will provide first class service and Brouwer Kesmac spare parts that can be easily ordered 24/7 through our website.

ecoclipper mower

Unique mower added to our program

We are now the distributor for ecoclipper mowers in the UK and Ireland

The eco clipper mowing system is aimed at the regular maintenance of large areas of cultivated turfgrass as can be found on turfgrass farms. It is a good alternative for mowing with a reel mower and has a high-quality finish that closely resembles the result of a reel mower but for a considerably lower cost.

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Progressive TDR26 Tri Deck Mower

Progressive TDR 22-6

More cuts per meter with a finer finish cut

The TDR-22-6 introduces a 6 blade deck using 406mm long blades. These blades and a high tip speed provides more cuts per meter of travel. This results in a finer finish cut, similar to that of a reel mower but at a fraction of the operating cost! The TDR-22-6 offers unparalleled performance and value as it incorporates many standard features and reduced maintenance designs that have been field proven in existing production mowers. Six-way deck float allows the full width 50 mm diameter steel rollers on the front and back of each deck to follow changing ground contours. The productivity advantage of Progressive’s exclusive Pro Lift-N-Turn™ is standard equipment on the TDR-22-6. Operators can slightly raise the decks off the ground with the PTO engaged. This makes the TDR-22-6 “easy on the turf” when turning at the headlands, resulting in more harvestable acres! The unique bolt-on deck design lowers the cost of ownership over the long term. Independent suspension provides smoother travel between fields and the standard high flotation tires minimize ground compaction. The peace-of-mind reliability and productivity of the TDR-22-6 is only available from Progressive.

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