Turf Installers

Good tools are half the work and certainly when you work with the turf installers from our delivery program. Efficiently, and accurately laying turf made easy.


Brouwer Turf Installers

Brouwer RollMate 2430 Big Roll Sod Installer

The RM2430 from Brouwer is deceptively powerful for its size, able to lift a roll of turf weighing up to 900 kgs (2.000 lbs) and lay 61  to 76 cm (24″ or 30″) wide large rolls. Its low center of gravity makes it perfect for turf installation on banks and slopes up to 30 degrees. Excellent Turf installer for large roll installation on slopes.

• Durable solid build heavy steel frame.
• Hydrostatic transmission.
• Pivoting rear tire steering means minimal turf damage or scuffing
• Excellent maneuverability.
• Extremely easy to operate.
• 1.5 gal. fuel tank.

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Brouwer RollMate 2442 Big Roll Sod Installer

The new Brouwer Model 2442 Large Roll RollMate installs up to 107 cm (42 inch) wide rolls with ease. Heavy duty construction, featuring; electric start and hydrostatic drive 0 to 4.7 mph – 11 hp engine. Simple to operate and maintain, the RollMate 2442 is the most economical sod installer on todays market!

• Durable heavy steel frame.
• Hydrostatic transmission.
• Pivoting rear tire steering means minimal turf damage or scuffing
• Excellent maneuverability.
• Extremely easy to operate.
• 6,8 ltr (1.5 gal.) fuel tank.

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Brouwer Rollmate 2448 Big Roll Turf Installer

The NEW Brouwer RollMate 2448 Sod Installer is the largest of the Brouwer installers and can install up to 122 cm (48 inch) wide big rolls. The 122 cm wide, 2,448 m. (4 foot 48”) diameter, 2000 pound roll capacity along with the exceptional maneuverability, make the RM 2448 an ideal choice for most sod laying applications. A reliable Honda 11.0 HP Industrial/ Commercial engine drives through a field-proven infinitely variable hydrostatic drive to hydraulic motors in front wheels and shifts effortlessly from forward to reverse with a single lever control mounted on the steering handle. The sod roll can be lifted by inserting the adjustable mandrel in the sod roll and mounting it onto the lift arms. Within our range of turf installers, the Brouwer RollMate Sod Installer is an outstanding machine for operating on slopes, highly maneuverable and easy to operate.

• Hydrostatic transmission
• Re-designed with easier to operate fingertip controls
• New Heavy-duty lift frame design
• Excellent for large roll installation on slopes
• Installs 61 /76/107 and 122 cm rolls (24 in., 30 in., 42 in. and 48 in.)
• Durable heavy steel frame
• Pivoting rear tire steering for minimal turf damage or scuffing, excellent maneuverability
• 11 HP Honda engine, Electric Start

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Magnum Turf Installer

Magnum A48D Turf Installer

Meet Magnum’s newest generation of the Installer; the A-series. This turf and sod installer features a tighter turning radius, a longer life span for its bearings, a heavy duty frame, and a Kubota diesel engine. It is a operator friendly, four-wheel drive machine that combines efficiency and dependability into a conveniently compact package weighing around 2600 pounds and running at speeds up to 10 mph. The concept of this Installer grew out of the need for a lighter weight, quick moving vehicle for the installation of big rolls of sod, one that could handle the terrain but not damage the turf.

Usefull options

There are many time saving options that the Installer provides. Hydraulic clamps allow for the arms to pick up a big roll without the need for a rod, meaning the operator never has to get of the unit to manually change the roll. The light kit option allows for the installer to be used when it is dark, allowing it to run at any time of the day. Flotation tires allow for less pounds per square foot, creating less impact on the soil. The most convenient option is the finger touch controls on the handle. The buttons on the handle control the hydraulic clamps and the tension control. The upgraded handle allows the operator to have all the controls that he needs at his fingertips, without having to remove his hand.

Easy transportation

Need to load it onto a truck? No problem! The Magnum Installer can be picked up with a forklift and lifted onto the truck quick and easy. Trailer? The front wheels rotate inward, allowing the installer to fit on a standard size utility trailer; just lift the arm, rotate the wheel, lower the arm and pin shut and you are ready to start installing.

107 cm, 122 cm (76 cm Capability)  42” 48” (30″ Capability)
Power: 24.9 HP
Load capacity: 1134 kg (2500 LBS)
Tire size: (STANDARD) 29 X 12.5-15 (FLOATATION) 29 X 14.5-15
Width front wheels inboard: 188 cm, 213 cm (74” 84”)
Width front wheels outboard: 211 cm, 228 cm (83” 90”)
Length: 2.4 m (94”)
Height: 1.3 m (52”)
Weight: 1134 kg (2500 LBS)
Fuel capacity: 59 liter (13 GALLONS)

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